30th of April - Day Three

HKK Capljina - KK Radnicki 81 -66
(19-31; 26-8; 19-18; 17-9)

Fireworks for Radnicki at the start of the game witha perfect offense that creates a 31 points quarter for the Serbian boys. Marko Bilbija is the top scorer in the first ten minutes with 9 points and after 10' the score is 19-31. But it doesn't last long as Capljina totally dominates the second quarter (26-8) and takes the lead that will not leave until the end of the game. Karamatic ends the game with 26 points and the Bosnian team finishes with a strong 81-66 win gaining access to the semi-finals.

HKK Capljina: Vrankic, Jelcic, Jutalo, Juri3, Juric 4, Jurkovic 5, Knezevic 5, Bender D., Milanovic, Bender I. 16, Maslac 19, Karamatic 26, Jakisa. All. Jelcic.

KK Radnicki: Krsmanovic 10, Todorovic 5, Jokovic 7, Bilbija 17, Asanin 6, Ivanovic, Sarenac, Stevanovic, Tanasijevic 18, Galjiak 2, Jovanovic 1, Vuksanovic. All. Djokovic.

KK Drazen Petrovic Sibenik- Falcons Tuzla 58-44
(15-16; 11-17; 14-7; 18-4)

Interesting game that means access to the semifinals among two strong teams from Croatia and Bosnia. Sibenik plays with its usual full court press defense and fastbreak offense, but they commit a lot of errors on easy shots and Tuzla, with its more controlled tempo, stays close lead by its point guard Omerovic.
The final result is decided in the last 10' of play, when Sibenik takes a strong lead with an 18-4 effort that gives the Croatians the win and a chance to play for the semi-finals on Saturday.

KK D. Petrovic Sibenik: Bilic 2, Kandido, Bilac 6, Vudrag 2, Spanja 8, Zubak 2, Gulam 6, Skoric 9, Paic, Aleksic 8, Cicin Sain 5, Bacic 10. All. Muljev.

Falcons Tuzla: Salkovic 4, Delic, Gazibegovic, Jusufovic 4, Omerovic 11, Ismailovski 1, Disdarevic 10, Djetovic, Mujanovic, Zulic 4, Hadzigramic 2, Stipanovic 8. All. Music.

Fortitudo Pallacanestro - Pontevecchio 83-35
(24-9; 13-11; 20-9; 26-6)

Two teams from Bologna play each other in the only"derby" of the day. Fortitudo takes an early lead pushed by Foraboschi and ends the first quarter up by 15 (24-9). Pontevecchio plays a strong second quarter but that's not enough to close the gap. At half-time the score is 37-20.
Foraboschi on one side and Manneschi on the other keep on scoring in the second half where Fortitudo keeps on running and the final score is 83-35.

Fortitudo Pallacanestro: Bertoncello 9, Basile 17, Secchi 9, Meyer 3, Ventura 1, Casali 7, Guidi, Consolo 4, Foraboschi 18, Sifo 5, Ghiacci 8, Gnan 2. All. Politi

Pontevecchio: Marsigli 3, Patuelli 4, Di Marco 1, Reggiani, Frascari 2, Manneschi 11, Cuevas Beejay 2, Clari 2, Marcantonio 4, Stefanelli 4, Schippa, Conte. All. Tiburtini.

OKK Kruscevac - SG Fortitudo 81-62
(14-21; 22-21; 28-5; 17-15)

On paper there should be no match with the Serbian team taller, stronger and faster than the young eagles. On the floor that's not the case as the game starts with a quick jump ahead by Gemelli's boys that lead after ten minutes by 7 points (14-21). Giacometti and his teammates keep on playing strong against a more talented opposition and at the break they still lead (36-42).
The Serbian team, by the way, comes out of the locker room with a very different attitude and in five minutes they close the gap and take the lead tha will keep until the final horn. Simeuonovic is unguardable for any Italian defender and the lead increases up to the final +19 (81-62). He will close the game with the best scoring performance of the tournament so far (41 points).

OKK Kruscevac: Spasojevic, Stevanovic 2, Grcak 8, Arsic, Nikolic 1, Krasic 8, Vujatovic 3, Veljkovic 5, Dimitrijevic 2, Simeunovic 41, Stojanovic 2, Grubisic 9. All. Vujatovic.

SG Fortitudo: Dalle Donne 1, Bacci 13, Artese 8, De Simone 3, Tonelli, Giacometti 15, Grassi 5, Menzani 13, Nascetti, Lauri, Magliaro, Sasdelli 2, Varotto 2. All. Gemelli.

BSL - KK Radnicki 93-45
(24-12; 25-12; 24-10; 20-11)

One-way match with BSL leading from start to finish and a subpar perfomance by Radnicki both on offense and defense. No team was playing for first place in their group (that was taken by Capljina) but they played with effort nonetheless. BSL turns out to be more talented and the final results shows it perfectly in the 93-45 win for the Italians.

BSL: Tinti 18, Orsoni, Ventura 8, Guidi 12, Taglioli 17, Schiaretti, Deri 10, Pascoli 9, Borgia, Miceli 11, Polia 8, Vialli. All. Rocca

KK Radnicki: Krsmanovic, Todorovic, Jokovic 8, Bilbija, Asanin 11, Ivanovic, Sarenac, Stevanovic, Tanasijevic 21, Galjiak, Jovanovic 4, Vuksanovic. All. Djokovic.

Fortitudo Pallacanestro - Povazska Bystrica 80-35
(27-14; 17-6; 21-4; 15-11)

Lead by a good perfomance from its point guard Basile, Fortitudo gest the win that means semi-final against Kruscevac on Saturday. Bystrica tries it hard, but a good shooting percentage and a pressing defense from Fortitudo, never allow the Slovakian team to come close to bolognesi.

Fortitudo Pallacanestro: Bertoncello 11, Basile 16, Secchi 4, Meyer 12, Ventura 3, Casali 4, Guidi 2, Consolo 7, Foraboschi 12, Sifo 3, Ghiacci, Pedroni. All. Politi.

P. Bystrica: Chovanec 2, Zilincik 3, Samek 8, Kostelansky 3, Veliky, Hroncek, Kvasnovsky 3, Tvrdon, Skulavik, Belavy 6, Butko 9. All. Skorvanek.

Granarolo - Falcons Tuzla 59-80
(15-15; 8-24; 16-23; 20-18)

In the last game of the day, Granarolo and Tuzla play for the second position in group C. The first quarter is played with equal effort by both teams and the score is tied (15-15).
Tuzla increases its defensive intensity in the second half and its defense creates easy points in transition.
After the break Tuzla takes a large lead but Granarolo fights back and with 5' to play the score is +9 for Tuzla. When Omerovic leaves the bench and goes back on the floor, the orange team from Tuzla goes on the fast lane again and the final score is 59-80. For Granarolo, a distinguished perfomance by Farati (21 pts).

Granarolo: Farati 21, Bernaroli, Fava, Zobo, Gualandi 4, Moretti 7, Franchini 2, Gamberini 2, Brotza 9, Gualandi, Poho 5, Argilli. All. Bertusi.

Falcons Tuzla: Salkovic 2, Delic, Gazibegovic 2, Jusufovic 9, Omerovic 17, Ismailovski, Disdarevic 5, Djetovic, Mujanovic 17, Zulic 4, Hadzigramic 10, Stipanovic 8. All. Music.

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