Daimiloptu - edition 2009

The Palestra Furla, historical gym in the very heart of the Italian town of Bologna, will host the 7th edition of the International Youth Tournament DAIMILOPTU.
This year edition of the tournament will feature players born in 1994 and 1995 and will see a total of sixteen European teams.
The list of teams includes eight Italian clubs from Bologna region:

  • Pol. Ellepi
  • Granarolo Basket
  • Fortitudo Pallacanestro
  • Pallacanestro Castel San Pietro
  • SG Fortitudo
  • Pol. Pontevecchio
  • BSL S. Lazzaro
  • Stars Basket

and eight foreign clubs from different European countries:

  • BK Považská Bystrica (Repubblica Slovacca)
  • KK Krusevac (Serbia)
  • Franken Hexer (Germania)
  • Falcons Tuzla (Bosnia)
  • KK Radnicki Kragujevac (Serbia)
  • Kecskemeti Univer KSE (Ungheria)
  • Buba Basketball (Bulgaria)
  • HKK Capljina-Lasta (Bosnia)
As in the past editions, DAIMILOPTU will involve players on and off the court as well because each Italian player will host in his house a member of a foreign team.
The motto of DAIMILOPTU is in fact “Gioca chi ospita” (literally, who hosts plays), a slogan that summarizes the desire of Marco Mezzetti, the creator of the tournament, to make DAIMILOPTU an unforgettable experience for participating kids both on and off the court.
Winners of past editions range from Italian teams (Fortitudo Bologna, Pallacanestro Moncalieri, Azzurra Trieste) to former-Yugoslavia teams (KK Boox Kragujevac, KK Sibenka, KK Falcons Tuzla).
Speaking about tournament MVPs, in the fourth edition the prize has been awarded to young Serbian star Dejan Musli, then with Serbian team of Boox Kragujevac now one of the most promising big men in Europe with FMP Belgrade.

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