Intervista a Manuel Markov

Manuel Markov - Sporting Director Buba Basketball

Can you introduce yourself in a few words?
My name is Manuel Markov and I am a sporting director in Buba basket team. Before that I was a professional basketball player but because of some injures I had to stop playing. For me it`s a pleasure to have this job in Buba because at this way I am still in the game. Not like a player, but like a sporting director. It`s still ok as soon as I am in the gym.

Why did you choose to participate in this tournament?
The invitation for this tournament came at the right moment for us. We already can see the results of our efforts and the children are very enthusiasted. For them will be very useful to go abroad and play against foreigner teams. This gonna be real experience for them. Participating in this tournament we can also assess the moment condition of the team and if it`s necessary to make some changes.

What is, in your opinion, the main goal of this event?
For me, the main goal of the tournament is the cultural exchange and the communication between the children from different countries. Of course, the quality of the games and the final classification should not be underrated, but they are not the most important thing in this case. The most important thing is the communication between the children. This is a perfect opportunity for them to know more about different cultures and also to improve their foreign languages. The management of Buba is trying to find the perfect balance between practices and education. At this way it`s gonna be much easier for the kids to take decision about their future - if they want to become a professional players or to find some other realization.

Do you think it would be important to organize this kind of tournament all over Europe?
Of course. We would like to congratulate you for the organization of this tournament because we realize how difficult it is. Also we would like to thank you for the invitation. It`s a pleasure for us to take participation. Since the European union enlarge its borders, its absolutely necessary to have more tournaments like this.

What do you think about youth basketball in Europe right now?
The level of youth basketball in Europe becomes higher. More often we can see 16-17 years old players which are already in professional basketball and are very important for their teams.

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